Here you will find products for the production of hearing aids in the 3D printer

MACK4D - audio mold 385 nm
Color: clear / transparent | Content: 0,5 kg

Content: 0.5 kg (€229.80* / 1 kg)

MACK4D - audio mold 405 nm
Color: green | Content: 1 kg

Variants from €114.90*
MACK4D - Easy Rip
Color: clear / transparent | Content: 0,5 kg
De-shelling timeeasy-rip is the latest innovation from MACK4D. Easy-rip material is for printing for soft cast and transparent cast forms, to produce silicone earmoulds. With easy-rip the cumbersome and time-taking „breaking“ of cast forms is a thing of the past. After printing and filling simply rip and remove the easy-rip with your hands – it can’t get any faster and more efficient! You will be left with a perfect surface and the highest detail possible!  Wall thicknesses under 1 mm can be printed safely due to the low viscosity and cleaning is quick and effective.easy-rip forms can rip by hand, that saves time!easy-rip has a low viscosity, the vat is easy and quick to cleaneasy-rip is transparent, you can see bubbles that make your work saveFlyer

MACK4D- hearing cast 385-405 nm
Color: clear | Content: 1 kg
Our customers love MACK4D Hearing Cast  because it is transparent. The user can easily detect air bubbles in the silicone. In addition, it is easy and fast to "crack". The material can be processed with all standard DLP or LCD printers.

Microlay EVE Printer
The Microlay EVE 3D printer has been specially developed for the ambitious user. The Eve impresses with its robust design with steel and aluminium components, which increases the durability and repeatability. Furthermore, the 5 inch colour display, a sufficiently large material tray (150 ml) and the possibility to control the printer from any input device via Teamviewer make it very easy to use. Of course, the printer can be controlled via WiFi as well as via the network. Size: 250 x 265 x 500 mm Weight: 12 kg Installation space: 120 mm x 68 mm x 180 mm Resolution (x y): 47 my resolution (z) freely selectable from 1 - 100 my Maximum printing speed 40 mm per hour Technology LCD Wavelength 405 NM